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Bayplay's mission is to provide marine based adventure activities to educate visitors and locals about the beauty of the Mornington Peninsula and how we can preserve it. By providing a wide range of adventure activities such as sea kayaking, Scuba diving and bike riding tours we can teach people of all walks of life whilst giving them an unforgettable experience.

Bayplay also has an educational program in place that caters for large groups, such as schools. Children and adults will be able to observe local marine life up close such as the famous Weedy Seadragons with their young hiding in the sea grasses as well as understand the life and death struggle of an Abalone as it fights off an Eleven-Arm Seastar. They can also learn about local issues such as Channel Deepening and what effect this has for the marine adventure and tourist industry.


With Bayplay, discover all the Mornington Peninsula has to offer! Go for a paddle along Point Nepean National Park, meet the rare Weedy Sea Dragons during one of our snorkel tours, and why not try a first time scuba dive to see them from up close?

Already a diver? No worries, we can show you around all kinds of beautiful spots, no matter what floats your boat! Love wrecks? Photography? Nudis? Seahorses? Crays (don't we all...)?

Not a water baby? If you don't want to get wet, what about a bike ride to explore Point Nepean National Park? Or a boat trip to see the dolphins and seals? Navigate our website and find out what to do on your next weekend on the peninsula! And if you're not sure where to stay, we have accommodation too! Give us a call and we'll sort you out!

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