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Bayplay Tours & Accommodation is a Parks Victoria licensed Tour Operator and PADI Dive Resort.

We are an Australian Accredited Tourism Business and in 2005 and 2006 we were winners of the Victorian Tourism Awards. In 2007 we won the Victorian Tourism Awards Hall of Fame award.

Victorian Tourism Awards

The Victorian Tourism Awards represent an industry framework for peer recognition which fosters a culture for business development excellence and innovation.

The VTA have assisted the Victorian Tourism Industry for 26 years in striving for excellence. During this period, more than 3,000 businesses have entered the Awards and have benefited through thorough examination of their business practice, with many recognised as winners at a national level.

The VTA are highly reflective of the state of the Victorian tourism industry. The Awards act as a development opportunity in the skills training and professionalism and play an integral role in encouraging and rewarding excellence, innovation and commitment in the industry.

The awards help to raise standards through a structured submission process of self-assessment through the preparation of a written document which is then reviewed by industry peers who respond carefully to defined national criteria. The Awards process culminates in a night that recognises and promotes outstanding achievement by those at the heart of the industry.

The VTA Gala Ceremony is a key communication platform as it has become the one time each year that more than 1,000 stakeholders assemble from across the State. A successful Awards program and gala event translates into business success and a solid group of professional and committed businesses.

The program enjoys the support of the Minister for Tourism, the Hon. Louise Asher MP, and the industry’s peak bodies. The VTA is arguably the most successful single gathering of the tourism and allied industries in Victoria, bringing together the key industry associations, operators, suppliers and state government stakeholders.

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"We were fortunate to have stumbled upon the BayPlay website during the planning of our getaway weekend with friends. We were limited on time, since we left it to the last minute with the children going back to school and needed a place to accommodate a large amount of people.

We didn't want to skimp on quality and yet also didn't want to pay the usual excessively high cost of having a holiday.

The website was thorough;we were able to navigate around the site to find much information on the location and things to do in the area.

Bayplay was always happy to chat with us over the phone with any queries we had.

Although the location looked great on the web site, it was even better in 'real life' and it did not disappoint.

Many compliments also came from our friends also staying at BayPlay. We were more than happy with every aspect of the journey from the very outset, BayPlay was easily accessible and always happy to help, the place was very, very reasonably priced, and the service absolutely impeccable . . .

This is a business that will go a long way. I couldn't recommend BayPlay enough, we even returned for a second stay.

Hope to do more business with you in the near future."

Angela & Jaime Olguin


"THE PROBLEM: Large group of friends with children ranging from 2 to 12yrs seek weekend getaway to relax and chill out without breaking the bank!!!

THE SOLUTION: Bayplay!situated in beautiful picturesque Blairgowrie and approximately a 2hr drive from our home this was the perfect weekend retreat for our large group. So far we have experiencedtwo weekends away at Bayplay, one in the summer months where we made full use of the lovely gardens, BBQ and the fantastic pool and more recently in the autumn, where the focus was on toasting marshmallows by the campfire,and games and dvd'sin the cosy lounge area. Bayplay is perfect for large groups with lots of comfy bedroom combinations, a laundry area, a fully stocked kitchen area perfect for catering for large groups and both male and female bathrooms. During both our visits we made full use of all the facilities including the pool in autumn - yes it's heated to 27 degrees! and the local areas of both Rye and Sorrento which are short drives away. And lastly..........not forgetting our large arrangement of children - from age 2 to 12yrs they all just adore Bayplay and it's location, they love the pool, the gardens for exploring and the large lounge area where they can dance and run and jump around without the constant nagging of mums and dads telling them to be careful they might break something!!!

All in all.....the perfect group location."

From: The Siddall Family - Debra, Nigel, Georgia aged 9yrs and Patrick aged 5yrs


"Hi Amanda & Gary,

A big thanks for another fantastic weekend at Bayplay, you guys are such great hosts.

A beautiful location, great accommodation for all the family, would definitely recommend to anyone.

We have experienced Bayplay in summer and winter, both equally as good, the kids are asking when the next adventure is!!

Thanks again guys."

Kelly McMann


"Dear Amanda,

We stayed at Bayplay lodge March this year, and were so impressed by the Adventure activities you offer that we're actually planning to have our honeymoon on the Mornington Peninsula just so we can take advantage of your Adventure activities! My question is wether or not you would be willing to run a Wedding Registry service for us? We own our home and have been living together for 2 years, so the conventional registry options are a little limited (we don't need another toaster). It would be nice if our guests could purchase a "Diving with the Leafy Sea Dragons Package" or a "Sunset Horseride" for us instead. If the registry is not an option, are our guests able to purchase gift vouchers for us?

Christine Chua & on behalf of Andrew Smith."

"A lot of places concentrate on training so this (Reef Watch) gives an added dimension to raised awareness of what you might see. By actively trying to identify something it sticks in your mind a lot more because you've had to remember it, I wouldn't do it on my own but because it is integrated into the days diving it is quite good to do."
Ian Garde, England

"Thanks for a place with the opportunity to have so many Adventures. I loved it all from Sea Kayaking to the Scuba Dive Adventure to Swimming with the Dolphins to Horse Riding on the Beach. I'm off to Sky Diving. The staff and food were great. Made Easter easier away from family and friends." 
Beth Clarendon Hills IL

"We all had a great time on Saturday with our diving experience, thank you! Could you please pass on a special thanks to Nathan for me for his patience and persistence with me? If I had not of ended up doing the dive at the end (as I was close to bailing) I certainly would have regretted it!




What the kids are saying

Want to know how everyone feels after a Bayplay camp?


"Phew. Where to start? I think I speak for all of us snorkellers when I say that this was by far the best CUE day so far.  Snorkelling with seals  is (so far) a once in a lifetime experience and something we will never forget."

April 21, 2010 by Luke, Nic + Co. - Check out their blog!


SCUBA the name says it all “Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus”. Breathing underwater is something humanly impossible, unless you get the right equipment. My highlight was being able to get up close and personal with this hidden world, a world that not everyone is able to see.




A personal highlight for me was definitely scuba diving at the pier in Rye. It was so unnatural breathing underwater, yet so surreal and wonderfully different. Being immersed in the underwater world was like nothing I had ever done before. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and would definitely go scuba diving again!



It was great to see so many things under the Rye Pier. We saw crabs and globe fish and lots more. It was a great feeling to be able to breathe underwater and not have to come up to the surface for air all the time. The water was very cold, although you got used to it after a while and the two wetsuits did help a lot.



Underwater, you feel like you’re in a whole new world. The sea life was so peculiar and interesting. My biggest challenge whilst diving was adapting to the changed sensations of breathing and equalizing the pressure in my ears.




I had never been scuba diving, or even snorkeling before this camp. This was a completely new experience. The things I have heard about scuba diving are true; it really is a completely different world underwater.



" Bayplay are a professional and reliable organisation. I like it because I get to deal directly with the owners so the service is personal and our program easily organised. Our students like all of the instructors because they are friendly and knowledgable but also because they treat them with respect. Safety is always well considered, which is important when undertaking adventurous activities."

Paul Stockdale (Mentone Grammar - 9 to the Power of 4 Program Coordinator)

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