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Bayplay have positions available for Travellers and Students to work for experience or a cultural exchange. The busier months are from September to May. In the quieter months of June - August - we focus on maintenance, so there are still options for you to help us out and to enjoy the peaceful serenity of the beaches and national parks.

NB:If you are looking for Paid work, visit our Employment Page for Positions Open

About us

Bayplay provides marine based adventure activities, which teach people about the environment. Our clients are tourists on weekends and school groups mid week. We also have accommodation properties and a school camp that we manage.

As owners, we work full-time and family/after school commitments with children keep us busy.  Unfortunately we are unable to act as tour guides, so it is up to you to get out and discover the beauty of the area. We have been hosts to travellers and teachers to students for over 15 years.  We find that you create your own enjoyment by getting involved and making the most of your stay by visitng the local attractions and National Parks and Beaches.  We have found that helpers who organise their own fun - get the most out of their stay.

Whilst at Bayplay, there is plenty to do - so we are happy to offer advice and information and you can join on tours or do your own self guided tours at our shop in Portsea.

Office Location and Arrivals

Our office, shop and tours are based in the town of Portsea.  The shop is located on the corner beside the car park opposite the beach at 3755 Pt Nepean Rd, Portsea.  We have visitor information at this site.  On the day of your arrival, we will meet you at this location and run through some information with you.  It is preferable for you to arrive prior to 5pm.  If you are early, you can have alook around town or the beach.

Type of Work

Shop Help, Housekeeping, Cleaning, Catering assistance, Gardening assistance (weeding, watering), General Maintenance. Do you have a skill? Assisting at our shop with rentals and preparing equipment for tours. Kayaking and snorkelling (for those with skills in this area) or just tagging along and helping as needed. TIP: Remember - whenever you are given a job, make sure you are clear on the instructions, so repeat it back or ask to be shown so that you are clear on what you need to do and don't feel bad if you make a mistake. ie We don't want you to weed out all the native trees - just the weeds :)

Work Days and Hours

Hours worked per week vary.  Some days are longer 8 hour days and others are shorter - 5 hours.  Helpers are rostered onto set tasks each week based on how busy we are.  The roster is emailed each night with updated programs to keep you informed.  

Helpx - Hours are up to 30 per week.
If you do a longer week, you can do a shorter week the week following.
Student Prac Days - Days as assigned - 8hrs plus travel time
Internships & Traineeships - 5 Day week
Work Experience / Volunteers - As agreed

If you are joining on a tour ie snorkelling, diving or sea kayaking and you are not in ratio - this is a benefit and for your enjoyment, so it is not part of the work hours.  You can opt to sit out of the activity and have a break during this time, or you can enjoy all the free tour options available to you.  We suggest you make the most of these opportunities when they come up.

(cash payment for work is not an option, please do not ask)

Length of Stay

One month agreements.
If you would like to stay longer - this is by negotiation with the Manager.

How to get here

Public transportation from Melbourne

From the Airport to Melbourne City:
Catch the Shuttle bus from the airport to the train station in Melbourne City, then follow instructions below for public transport.

From the Airport to the Mornington Peninsula:
To book an airport bus transfer see details here www.fapas.com.au.
Catch the airport bus to the town of Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula.   If the bus does not go all the way to Rosebud, then Dromana or Mornington will also suffice.  Check to see if the local bus connects, then connect with the local Portsea Passenger Bus #788.  You will need a MYKI card for all public transport - Details: http://ptv.vic.gov.au/tickets/myki/buying-your-myki/

If the airport bus does not work in with your flight times, then you are better off to catch the local train and bus service as outlined below under Public Transportation.

Public Transport From Melbourne City:
Catch a train from the City on the Frankston line to the town of Frankston. Go to the bus stop at the front of the train station and catch the 788 bus to Portsea. Get off the bus in the town of Portsea - where the shops are. Walk from the bus stop across the car park to the Bayplay office and shop. Afternoon arrival between 3 - 5pm is preferred.
For more information on public transportation to us and timetables please visit www.metlinkmelbourne.com.au.
You will need a MYKI card for all public transport 
Details: http://ptv.vic.gov.au/tickets/myki/buying-your-myki/


Accommodation is located in either of our locations in Blairgowrie or Shoreham at our Camp.  Facilities include kitchen, lounge, Shared bedrooms. Close to the National Parks and ocean beaches with great running and walking tracks.  Staff Pickups help you to get to your work place on the day, or you may have to walk or catch the bus on occasion.

Depending on your agreement with Bayplay, you will be provided with accommodation in the staff share house plus food for meals. Helpers do their own meal preperation in conjuntion with any other house mates.

Wifi Access

We do not provide Wifi access at the staff house, so it is advisable to have a little on your phone. There is wifi access at local cafes and the visitor information centre in Sorrento. It is best if you have a local mobile phone with wifi access as a back up. You may check your email at the Bayplay shop in Portsea on your own device. Office computers are not available for your private use and access to office areas are not permitted.

What to do in your free time

We don't want you to be bored when you are not working!! The Mornington Peninsula has been a favorite holiday spot for visitors for years! Crystal clear waters, national parks, historical visits, attractions, activities... Bushwalking at Point Nepean or the Mornington Peninsula National Park? Enjoy the pristine beaches. Visit the local towns and shopping centres.There is plenty to do! Also, you are welcome to participate in any of the activities Bayplay runs on your free time! Come for a kayak, a snorkel or even a dive!

(above activities are done on your own time and at your own risk, non-work time is not covered by WWOOF insurance.)

For Members registered with WWOOF

We are no longer members of this organisation, but we are happy to accept you as part of the above volunteer agreement

Email Requests: We may not get back to you for a few days or we may be assessing the next available dates.  We require up to a week to respond to your request. All volunteers are bound by the same conditions of staff in terms of security and privacy.

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