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Dive the ex-HMAS Canberra, Victoria’s first artificial reef for divers.

The ex-HMAS Canberra was scuttled in 2009. After a rigorous series of works and inspections the former navy frigate was opened as a wreck diving site. Lying in approximately 28 metres of water with the mast of the frigate 5 metres below the surface at low tide, the 138 metre long HMAS Canberra is Victoria’s first artificial reef created specifically for diving.  Diving on the HMAS Canberra for new divers tot he area will require a check out dive prior to boarding a boat charter.

Participant Conditions : To dive the Canberra, you must be Advanced certified witha deep speciality or the equivalent. Divers are also requested to have a minimum of 25 logged dives.

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The HMAS Canberra

The HMAS Canberra was the second of four FFG-7 Class Guided Missile Frigates built for the Royal Australian Navy by Todd Pacific Shipyards Corporation Seattle, Washington, USA.

The HMAS Canberra was commissioned on 21 March 1981 and de-commissioned on 12 November 2005 after serving in several military campaigns including Afghanistan in 2002.

Parts of the ship, including the gas turbine engines, rudder, missile launcher, a section of the mast and propeller were removed by the Navy, prior to it being prepared for use as a dive site.

Many of the potential hazards to divers such as internal fixings, hatches, ladders and loose material have been removed or secured and access to confined spaces barred off.


It is highly recommended that you do a check out dive first, but if you are a confident diver, we can hire you all your equipment needs prior to heading out on private boats.


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