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While Fiji may be a mere speck on the maps of the world, it manages to entice people for its white sandy beaches, coral reefs, clear waters and is one of the most accessible of the Pacific’s most alluring playgrounds. There are rainforests to explore, village life to experience, and a famously friendly culture.

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Culture & History

Delve deep into the history of Fiji to discover a fascinating history and a rich tapestry of cultural threads including traditional etiquette, an Indo- Fijian community with 2 cultures plus the diverse influences of the west and neighbouring South Pacific nations


Be honored to share the local ceremonial drink, kava, with a village chief. It's quite peppery and not to everyone's taste, but it shows respect to the chief before entering his village. The only thing regarded more highly is a whale tooth and that is presented to those who intend to marry someone from the village or are going to buy land.  Meals include traditional Fijian food, fresh fruits, breads, roti, curry and palusmi, followed by singing and dancing.


The biggest house in a village is the church which is also a community home. It's where children play while adults do their craft work for sale at the markets.  Individual homes are private and few are invited to enter.  On this trip – you will be one of the fortunate few who will be invited to live with a family and participate in their way of life.  Here you will also take part in a community service for our village hosts.


Villagers go to the markets to sell their produce and craft. In a good year they can earn around $2000, or as little as $400, so money from tourism is most welcome.  We will learn about how their craft is made and the process of creating an economy from ones own village or farm enterprise. ie weaving palm leaves or drying kava roots.


Fiji has an alluring array of beautiful sights and treasures. With water clarity extending up to 40m an array of marine life flourish in these areas. Fiji also has a rugged interior best appreciated on a coastal ramble or a guided hike passing by villages and places of interest.  We will explore an array of environmental sustainable practice.


BULA!!!  Hello in Fijian is the most used word in the country and no wonder with such a friendly nation of people. Fijians are pretty relaxed people and they love the boats arriving as they meet people from other parts of the world and introduce them to their culture. Women present tourists with fragrant flowers while children have fun practicing their English skills.

Trip Aims

Bayplay has also been involved in overseas travel with schools for over 10 years. Trips run for 12 or 18 days or can be tailored to the groups requirements.  Trips incorporate  a village stay and/or a Marine Conservation Program on a remote island.  
Aims Include:
To encourage an understanding of culture, customs and traditional skills.
To make a positive contribution to the immediate needs of local communities.
To develop resources and infrastructure in rural Fijian communities.
To provide financial support to communities from fundraising efforts at home.
To enable students to challenge themselves.
To develop initiative, teamwork and leadership skills through remote living and adventure.
To enable students to appreciate and experience the remote areas in their chosen destination. 

Itinerary Overview 

Itineraries can be tailored and include the following options:
Day 1 - 3 - Fiji's Coral Coast - Sights & History
Day 3 - 7 - Island Life on your own Castaway Island
Day 7 - 12 - Vilage Stay & Community Development Project
Day 12 - 18 - Marine Conservation Program 

Community Development Project & Village Stay

Community Develoment is a great way for students to engage in the local village community. Projects are funded by students who fund raise prior to the trip.  The projects help students to engage with locals and form incredible teamwork and bonding relationships.

Projects Include:

Village Stay
During the Village stay, students are billeted into homes and live with Fijian families.  During this time they participate in the daily life of the bvillage including School Life, Farming Life, Sporting activities, Musical activities and learning about a whole new way of life.

Marine Conservation Program - Fiji

Bayplay was involved in the creation of a Marine Conservation Program in Fiji which began in 2003. The conservation project component in Fiji includes Reef Check (the tropical equivalent of Reef Watch). Bayplay is proud to have been associated with the creation of the Marine Park in Fiji which is monitored each year by our visiting school groups.

Bayplay Offers

•    Extensive knowledge of both the east and west coasts of Fiji
•    Understanding of Fijian culture and the term “Fiji time” which can affect travel plans
•    Manage 1st aid related incidents associated with tropical destinations

Trip Inquiries

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